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How To Remove Bath Sealant

You have probably noticed that the sealant in your bathroom can start to become damaged and discoloured over time. The constant exposure to water and products you use can result in your bathroom sealant looking anything but clean.But removing bathroom sealant isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many things can…


How to Seal a Shower Tray

No one wants to deal with the pain of a flooded bathroom, which is why learning how to seal a shower tray is important for fixing your flooding issue. Learning how to reseal a shower tray is a good thing to do if you don’t have the budget to replace…


Best Bathroom Sealant and Shower Sealants

Your bathroom is an important part of the house. It is only right that you keep it running efficiently while also maintaining the aesthetic of the household. For this reason, caulk for showers and bathtubs are crucial to the cosmetic value of your bathroom as well as the efficiency value….


The Cost to Replace Grouting in a Bathroom

Got some bathroom work that needs doing? Mainly the grouting of the tiles coating your walls? If you’re wondering how to re grout tiles, below is everything you need to know. The Job of Re Grouting Tiles in Your Bathroom The job of re grouting tiles in the bathroom is…