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Mastic Man Southend

Have you spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on a new bathroom, kitchen or extension?

Bringing in a specialist mastic company to provide sealant services is the best way to achieve the high-quality finish that your home improvement deserves!

Mastic work should always be carried out by an experienced professional using high-quality silicone sealant, ensuring longevity and a quality finish.

The Best Residential Siliconing & Mastic Company in Southend

Our mastic specialists are experienced in providing a wide variety of sealant services, these include;

  • Bathroom Sealants
  • Shower Sealant
  • Kitchen Sealant Company
  • Extension Sealing
  • Loft Conversion Sealant
  • Mastic Repairs
  • And Much More, Contact Us For Details

Leave this job to the professionals.

G T Sealants only use the highest quality, anti-fungal silicone to guarantee a long-lasting crisp finish.

We are the best option if you need a sealant company in the Southend area.

mastic man southend

Do you need a Reliable Sealant Company?

Have you had enough of looking at that horrible black mastic in the corner of your bath?

Unfortunately it happens to most baths eventually. It is caused by bacteria getting into the silicone. Our anti-fungal silicone will prevent this from happening. We can offer you a reasonable price to cut out and re-seal.

Get in touch with our mastic experts to discuss your requirements today!

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